Understanding Pediatric Treatment With Vision Therapy

Vision therapy is the best option for anyone who is suffering from eye problems. Just like regular physical therapy, vision therapy will encourage the brain and the eyes to work together and allow clearer eyesight. It is an effective non-surgical treatment that can work for most eyesight problems such as crossed eyes, lazy eyes, convergence insufficiency, double vision and some reading disabilities. Vision therapy is offered by a number of clinics, whose doctors advocate this practice, just like Vision care in Austin.

What is Vision Therapy?

In the past years, parents are only aware of specific treatment for eyesight problems, which usually include using eyeglasses, contact lenses or going through surgery. Nonetheless, experts in neurology, learned that you can actually train your eyes using special programs and techniques. This technique can ultimately help kids who are unable to enjoy their lives because they are unable to see clearly. Experts in vision therapy in Austin, TX, shares that while this is not a total cure for learning disabilities, you can properly eliminate this problem by having your children checked.

Comparison to Regular Eye Treatments

When your eyes are not working well, contact lenses and eyeglasses will help.On another note, eye surgery means changing some parts of the eye's anatomy that are not functioning. Vision therapy works by teaching the eye to repair itself.Vision therapy uses different tools and techniques such as lenses, filters, prisms, and computer related activities as part of the exercises for the eyes. Here's a good read about Austin eye care, check it out!

Know More About Pediatric Evaluation

Austin vision care have programs dedicated for children with eyesight problems. According to the latest statistics, at least 25% of children who are experiencing learning difficulties have vision problems.Parents are encouraged to have their children go through vision exams, before they even reach school age, testing should be done at about 6 months, 3 years, and 5 years.Additionally, before going to school your child should go through a full vision evaluation to help check if they are experiencing any vision problems. In addition, before starting school you should consider having your child go through full developmental vision evaluation to be sure that they are not experiencing vision problems.This will save you and your kid from experiencing learning difficulties.

Eye Problems that Vision Therapy Can Correct

Amblyopia - is a common eye problem, also known as lazy eye.This is a development problem when the eyes fail to attain normal clarity of vision. Find out for further details on Austin vision center right here. 

Is when the eyes are abnormally misaligned. Strabismus patients, especially those with convergence insufficiency usually respond very well to vision therapy. The success of this therapy for patients will usually depend on the frequency, direction and severity of eye turn.

Eye Movement Disorder - Problems with eyesight when doing close up work such as reading.

Having eyesight problems can easily make your children unable to fully live their lives and may ultimately lead to learning disabilities.Every parent should consider having their kids checked for possible visual problems early.